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Lichen Evolution & Systematics :

Consequences of mutualism on diversification of Ascomycetes (DEB-9615542)

My work on the Omphalina/Coccomyxa model system and related basidiomycetes revealed many consequences resulting from relatively recent transitions to mutualism, and provides hypotheses to be tested on ascomycetes. The latter includes more than 98% of all known lichen-forming fungi. An ancillary project at Duke University (in collaboration with Joey Spatafora, Daniele Armaleo, Ulrik S°chting, and William Culberson; funded by the A.W. Mellon Foundation), generated a large subunit nrDNA data set for 77 lichenized and non-lichenized ascomycetes sampled across a broad sample of Ascomycetes. My dissertation research on Omphalina and my collaborative research at Duke University on ascolichens formed the basis on which a second grant proposal was funded by NSF (DEB-9615542). It was a logical continuation of these two previous projects and provided essential information for my long term objective to study phylogenetic relationships among ascolichens and the role of mutualism (lichenization) during the evolution of fungi.

Publications and data sets resulting from NSF grant DEB-9615542:

Barker, F. K., and Lutzoni, F. 2002. The utility of the incongruence length difference test. Systematic Biology 51:625-637.
Download publication (PDF file)

Pagel, M. and Lutzoni, F. 2002. Accounting for phylogenetic uncertainty in comparative studies of evolution and adaptation. Pp. 151-164. In: Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics. M. Laessig and A. Valleriani (Eds.), Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany.
Download publication (PDF file)

Lutzoni, F. 2002. Lichens. In: Encyclopedia of Evolution. Vol. 2. M. Pagel (Ed.), Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

Lutzoni, F., Pagel, M., Reeb, V. 2001. Major fungal lineages are derived from lichen symbiotic ancestors. Nature 411:937-940.
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Bhattacharya, D., Lutzoni, F., Reeb, V., Simon, D., Fernandez, F. 2000. Widespread occurrence of spliceosomal introns in the rDNA genes of ascomycetes. Molecular Biology and Evolution 17:1971-1984.
Download publication (PDF file)

Lutzoni, F., Wagner, P., Reeb V., and Zoller, S. 2000. Integrating ambiguously aligned regions of DNA sequences in phylogenetic analyses without violating positional homology. Systematic Biology 49:628-651.
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Miadlikowska, J., and Lutzoni, F. 2000. Phylogenetic revision of the genus Peltigera (lichen-forming ascomycetes) based on morphological, chemical and large subunit nuclear ribosomal DNA data. International Journal of Plant Sciences 161:925-958.
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Lutzoni, F., and Barker, F. K. 1999. Sampling confidence envelopes of phylogenetic trees for combinability testing: A reply to Rodrigo. Systematic Biology 48: 596-603.
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Kranner, I., and Lutzoni, F. 1999. Evolutionary consequences of transition to a lichen symbiotic state and physiological adaptation to oxidative damage associated with poikilohydry. 591-628. In: Plant response to environmental stresses: From phytohormones to genome reorganization. H. R. Lerner (ed.).

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