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Lichenology group at Duke University during the Fall, 2009. From left to right, back row: Tami McDonald, Katalin Molnár, Connie Robertson, Starri Heidmarsson, & Chicita Culberson. Middle Row: Ester Gaya, Alford, Jolanta Miadlikowska, Brendan Hodkinson, & Kathryn Picard. Front row: François Lutzoni, Molly McMullen, Bernie Ball & Apu. Not pictured:
Daniele Armeleo.

Latest News

November 2011
Congratulations, Dr. Tami McDonald!

November 2011
Congratulations, Kathryn Picard, for successfully passing her prelim exam

November 2011
Welcome, Emily Lefevre, New Postdoctoral Research Associate

October 2011
Welcome, Geir Hestmark, Visiting Researcher

September 2011
Welcome, Nicolas Magain, Visiting Researcher

August 2011
Welcome, Eimy Rivas Plata, New Postdoctoral Research Associate

June 2011
Welcome, Lisa LaManna, Visiting Researcher

May 2011
Congratulations and farewell, Dr. Brendan P. Hodkinson!

March 2011
Welcome, Martin Ramirez Mejia, Visiting Researcher

February 2011
Welcome, Ryoko Oono, New Postdoctoral Research Associate

November 2010
Welcome, Olaf Mueller, New Postdoctoral Research Associate

September 2009
Welcome, Starri Heidmarsson, Visiting Researcher

September 2009
Welcome back, Samantha Fernandez!

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